Explanation of Fees


Detail your services

Tuition $4200

  Tuition fees go directly toward the salaries and benefits of the administration, faculty and staff of the school.   

Fundraiser Fee $560

  Parent service is vital to the life and mission of Holy Family Catholic School. Parents, working on behalf of the school, help to strengthen and increase our spiritual and scholastic environment. Service is a critical component in Catholic education. With strong volunteerism, we are able to provide all of the needed services and activities that create a quality, affordable, faith-based education for our children, while also building the kind of family atmosphere that has become a trademark of Holy Family Catholic School. Every Holy Family Catholic School tuition paying family has an obligation to participate in fundraisers to raise the fee, to perform 20 hours of service to the school each year or pay a fee of $560. All fundraising fees go directly into the general fund to pay for the operation of the school. The Diocese of Lafayette has mandatory requirements for volunteering at Diocesan schools. Before a parent volunteer at Holy Family, the parent must be cleared through the safe environment program. See Angela Nicholas for more information angnicholas@holyfamilycs.com CURRENT SERVICE HOUR OPPORTUNITIES Events and Fundraising: Our Development Department has service hour opportunities throughout the year. Contact Bernadette Derouen at bderouen@holyfamilycs.com with questions about your service hours. Parents Association: Homecoming Pageant: Bernadette Derouen Harvest Festival and Spring Festival: Florence Henry Fundraiser Activity Cookie Dough Fall 2017 World’s Finest Chocolate Spring 2018  

Book Fee $300

 Book fees are earmarked for textbooks and resources to support the school’s curriculum. 

Other Fees

  Library Fee $125 Library fees are collected to operate the library through the purchasing of books and utilization of Renaissance Place which is our AR program. Technology Fee $350 Technology Fees are used to help fund student I.T. resources such as licensing, system and internet access, security, protection and monitoring of I.T. resources along with the purchase of the Chromebooks that are utilized by each student in the classroom. Supply Fee $125 The supply fee is dedicated to the purchase of educational supplies and other resources needed in the classroom. Graduation Fee The graduation fee is collected to cover the expense of kindergarten and eight grade graduation promotion Mass.    Important note: All before/after school care, sport teams, formals and social activities are not covered by any of the fees mentioned above and additional  charges and will be payable up front.  

Payment Options

  School fees are charged to parents at the time of registration and are payable at the time in full or added to tuition and paid in installments of 10 months.  Payment by instalment: Parents wishing to spread the cost of their tuition and school fees over the full year are able to do so by completing a request form. It is the expectation of the school that fees will be paid by the end of the school year even if electing to pay in monthly instalments. In the event that payments are not paid, the student will be dropped from the school.  Pursuant to state law (R.S. 17:112) education records of any delinquent student as a result of lack of payment of any fine, debt, or other outstanding obligation will be released if the student is dropped from the school. Overdue accounts: Parents are reminded that all accounts are payable by the 15th of the month. In line with our fees policy, all overdue accounts will be followed up. Where no arrangement has been made for the settlement of the account and there is no demonstrated financial hardship, the account may be forwarded to a debt collection agency, the costs of which can be added to the account. Fee concessions: Fee concessions may be granted in the case of demonstrated financial hardship. Parents will need to contact the Principal and/or Business Manager and meet to discuss personal financial circumstances prior to fee concessions being granted. We may request copies of evidence to support any concession applications and it is at the discretion of the Principal and Business Manager as to whether a fee concession will be granted. Funds will be utilized from the Malveaux/Jones Scholarship Fund. Hardship request must be made by the end of January of the current school year.